Anna, Terrell ISDs switch to a 4-day school week

Students in more rural North Texas school districts will have Fridays off next year.

The school board in Anna, which is north of Dallas in Collin County, approved the change last week.

The district said results from a November survey showed parents and staff overwhelmingly supported a shorter week.

Classes will be held Monday through Thursday, and each day will be extended by 35 minutes.

Child care will be available at cost on Fridays for parents who work.

The district believes the four-day schedule will improve student and staff attendance and help with teacher recruitment and retention.

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Anna ISD will re-evaluate the idea after three years.

Terrell ISD in Kaufman County, east of Dallas, is also switching to a four-day schedule.

The school board approved the new calendar earlier this week.

Both Anna and Terrell ISDs will start the four-day week in August.

At least 22 other districts in North Texas already have a four-day week. Most are in rural areas.