Allen Premium Outlets Shooting: Memorial to be sent to victims' families

The memorial outside the Allen Premium Outlets that was set up for the victims of the mass shooting there will remain through the weekend, before it's broken down and sent to victims' families.

Meanwhile, surviving victims are improving in the hospital.

A mother, father, and child killed in Saturday's shooting were buried Friday. More funerals are expected next week.

According to Medical City Healthcare, five victims are still in the hospital as of Friday evening. None are in critical condition, and all are improving each day. 

The mall will remain closed until all funerals are complete. 


How to help Allen Premium Outlets shooting victims and their families

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being donated for the Allen Premium Outlets mass shooting victims and their families.

"Going through this trauma is unexpected and it’s horrible," Ashok Kolla said.

Kolla has spent this week caring for three different families from India who were all affected by Saturday’s mass shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets when a gunmen opened fire in the parking lot. 

Eight people were killed, including 27-year-old Aishwarya Thatikonda, an engineer out of McKinney. 

Thatikonda’s body was flown back to India. Her funeral was Thursday. 

Thatikonda’s friend, who also moved to Texas from India, was shot multiple times. 

He survived and is recovering at Medical City McKinney. 

The 26-year-old survivor told Kolla that he and Thatikonda were one of the first people shot, with the gunman just feet away from them.

"What he says was it was a shooting from two feet distance, so close," Kolla said. "It was tragic. They tried to hide under the bushes."

Kolla said he just learned a mother visiting from India was also shot and is still at Medical City McKinney. 

FOX 4 spoke to a witness Saturday who helped the injured woman take shelter inside H&M. 

"That’s when I comforted her. She was bleeding from her stomach and from her arm," Abu Akther said.


Allen Outlets Shooting: Hundreds attend funeral for the Cho family

Five days after a gunman killed eight people and injured others at the Allen Premium Outlets, mourners gathered in Carrollton to celebrate the lives of the Cho family members who died. Their extended family shared a message for the public.

Friday, Cindy Cho, Kyu Cho, and their 3-year-old son, James Cho, were buried. 

The couple’s 6-year-old son, William, who was the only survivor from his family, is now out of the hospital. 

"I just remember how sweet they were. Kind to my staff, kind to each other," the owner of Eddie’s Diner, Lydia Miftari, said of the Cho family.

The Cho’s were regulars at Eddie’s Diner in Plano.

They were there hours before the shooting, and the staff sang happy birthday to William for his sixth birthday.

"I just hope William always remembers his parents loved him," Miftari added. "Our family is still his family. There is a lot of love out there for him."

Red and black ribbons are seen across the city of Farmersville, which was 20-year-old Christian Lacour’s hometown.

The security guard sacrificed his own life to save others in Saturday’s mass shooting. 

Lacour’s family is preparing for his funeral Monday in Allen, asking for people to wear t-shirts with their favorite musicals, comic book characters, or band. 

The Farmersville High School grad loved music and science fiction. 


Allen Outlets Shooting: Funeral information released for mass shooting victims

Family and friends are preparing to say their final farewells to the people who were killed in Saturday’s mass shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets mall.

The Mendoza family has not publicly announced funeral plans for 11-year-old Daniela and 8-year-old Sofia. 

The sisters were out shopping with their mother, who at last check remained in the hospital. 

The family of 32-year-old Elio Cumama Rivas is still working on funeral plans while in Venezuela. 

They told FOX 4 Rivas moved to Dallas eight months ago in search for a better future.