Allen Outlets shooting: Mall security guard died trying to protect others

More stories of courage and heroism are coming out of the Allen Outlets mall shooting that left eight people dead.

Among the victims killed was 20-year-old Christian LaCour, who worked at the mall as a security guard. People who knew him say they’re not surprised he died trying to protect others. 

Those who work at the mall say LaCour was always warm and willing to lend a helping hand. One store manager says he would stop by to say hello to her employees almost every day he worked. She says he took his job extremely seriously and protected others. 

Eight innocent people came to the mall Saturday for different reasons, but eight people never returned home. 


Allen Outlets shooting victims: What we know

A security guard, an engineer, parents and their young son, two elementary school sisters who loved the color yellow. We are learning more about the people who were killed at the outdoor mall on Saturday.

For Christian LaCour, Saturday started as another day on the job as a security guard at the Allen Outlets. 

Store Manager Andria Gaither saw him pass by on his segway just hours before chaos erupted.

"Everyone was very fond of him," she said.

Tuesday, Allen police revealed LaCour, a Farmersville High School grad, sacrificed his life Saturday in order to save others. 

Allen Police Chief Brian Harvey acknowledged LaCour's heroic actions days after the shooting.

"We also must acknowledge the bravery of Allied security guard Christian LaCour who evacuated one individual to safety and was shot while courageously remaining to help others," Harvey said.

"I really think that he died being a protector for the people working here and the people shopping out here," Gaither said.

Just days before the shooting, LaCour offered to walk Gaither to her car after closing time in order to feel safe. That was the last time Gaither says she talked to LaCour face-to-face. 

"He was brave. That’s undoubted," she said.

For Gaither, going back to work will be difficult when the time comes, especially not seeing their familiar security guard on watch. 

"I think that he 100% should be remembered a hero. Because that’s what he was," she said.

Farmersville Independent School District released a statement about LaCour saying, "Christian was known as a genuinely kind person. He was a dedicated student who enjoyed learning and asking thought-provoking questions. Christian was a wonderful friend and a good student who fellow students and FISD staff members loved."

How to help

The FBI said that they have spotted multiple fake online fundraisers for the victims of the shooting.

A list of approved and verified fundraisers are available on the City of Allen website.

The city says The Allen, TX Shooting Victims' Fund guarantees that families of the victims and those wounded will receive 100% of the funds.

The Support for Allen Fund will give money to local nonprofit agencies that provide mental health grief and trauma support for victims, their families and first responders.