Aledo teen pleads guilty to mom, sister's murders

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A Parker County teenager pleaded guilty Thursday to the murders of his mother and 15-year-old sister.

Police said Jacob Evans shot the pair in their Aledo home in 2012. He then called 911 and turned himself in.

Initially he was admitted to a maximum security mental hospital because a judge ruled him incompetent to stand trial.

The judge on Thursday signed an order restoring his competency and accepted the plea deal.

Evans will be sentenced to two 45 years in prison sentences running concurrently. He must serve at least half of that time.

His attorney read a letter from his family in court.

They said they agreed to the deal because they did not want him or the rest of the family to endure a capital murder trial.

"We feel this is a fair plea bargain even though our family would have supported a lesser sentence than 45 years if it was possible to do so in this case," said defense attorney Mac Evans.

Prosecutor Robert Duboise said he understands why the family was in favor of less prison time.

"What that really tells you is the absolute power of forgiveness of this family given the circumstances of the father and the siblings of Jake Evans have lost a sibling and their mother -- they've forgiven him to a depth that should inspire everybody in this case," said Duboise.