Accused volleyball club owner banned from games

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The owner of a volleyball club who also coaches has reportedly been going to girls' games, even though he's out on bond for child sex assault and drug charges.

Given what 48-year-old Damian Merrick is charged with, a mom told FOX 4 on Thursday that it makes her skin crawl watching him walk into the gym at Grapevine High School to watch a volleyball game.

He didn't think being there violated his bond order, but the district decided on Thursday that it does.

Parents of the Grapevine Volleyball Club say it's the unthinkable.

“Nobody really wants him at these games but yet he still comes,” said the father of a volleyball player.

Even though Merrick is charged with giving marijuana to a player and charged with sexually assaulting one of them in March, parents say until the district’s decision on Thursday, he still showed up to watch his daughter play in the club matches held at Grapevine High school when his alleged victims also played.

The father of one of the club volleyball players says given what's Merrick is charged with, going to the matches was bad taste.

“It’s just probably a little bit more anger than anything because of what's happened,” he said. “You know, you would just think he would keep his distance."

Parents complained to Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, but after FOX 4 News called, the district took immediate action on Thursday, giving Merrick a trespass notice saying that him being at games violates the condition of his bond because he's not supposed to have unsupervised contact with any child under 17.

“If Mr. Merrick attempts to attend a GCISD event, we will contact police,” Superintendent Dr. Robin Ryan said in a statement.

It’s a small victory for parents and players who are eager for justice to now play out in court.

FOX 4 couldn't reach Merrick for comment, but he has a bond hearing Friday morning at 9 a.m. in Tarrant County District Court.

Many parents plan to be there, hoping the judge will increase his bond and order him into custody.