A glimpse of sunshine brings smiles to the State Fair of Texas

It’s been one of the coldest and wettest State Fairs of Texas in recent memory and fair operators are hoping to take advantage of every last moment of dry weather as it draws to a close.

After eleven days of significant and cold rain at the fair, the glimpse of sunshine had people smiling.

“It got rained out a ton of times, I was worried we weren't going to be able to come,” said 9-year-old Sawyer Loghlin.

Many people were already out on the midway at 9 AM Saturday, taking advantage of the early opening weekend hours.

“It was awesome it was really fun, I was screaming the whole time. Fair is the best,” said 9-year-old Finny Loughlin.

For the small businesses that are all about taking a chance, this fair may go down as a loss.

“Me and my family, we plan for rainy days. It was a rainy day. We'll get through it, now we'll look forward to the next one,” said Isaac Rousso with Who Dat Daiquiri.

The State Fair of Texas will have extended hours again on Sunday with gates opening at 9 AM. They will stay open until at least 11 PM and if people are still spending money, they may stay open even later.