95-year-old woman beaten, sexually assaulted by home invader

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Activists are calling for the public's help in finding the man who they say beat and sexually assaulted a 95-year-old woman.

Family members said around 11:00 p.m. back on Martin Luther King Jr. day, an attacker snuck around a house in Sunnyside and ripped the air conditioner out so he could break in to the 95-year-old woman's house.

“Someone came in the house. She was in the kitchen, returning to her bedroom,” said Nicole Sherman, the granddaughter.

The family said the man saw her and went after her.

“They grabbed her, twisted her arm, broke her shoulder, put her on the floor and tried to cover her head and, in the process, gave her a black eye and busted lip,” said Sherman.

Relatives also said that he sexually assaulted her, and it was all so he could steal her television.

The family is now working with the New Black Panther Nation and calling for the neighborhood's help to turn in this person and at times, addressing the attacker himself.

“This has to stop. If this is a member of your family, he's not even a family member anymore. He's less than a human being to do something like this, to put an old lady in the hospital. God can save your soul, but your backside belongs to us. We're looking for you,” said Quanell X, a community activist with the New Black Panther Nation.

The family said the woman's shoulder was broken, that her underwear was removed, and that she lay on the floor all night, unable to move, until someone checked in on her about twelve hours later in the morning.

But the family said their 95-year-old grandma is strong. She is a World War II veteran who lives on her own, and now, they want her to be able to take back that sense of security.

“She was never a fearful woman before, and I want her to go back to her old self, confident and feeling safe in her own home,” said Sherman.

The elderly woman is now in the hospital recovering from her injuries.