9-year-old North Texan continuing to recover after getting multi-inflammatory syndrome from COVID-19

A North Texas mother said her 9-year-old daughter tested positive for COVID-19 with no symptoms.

Then, a month later, she ended up diagnosed and in the hospital with a rare illness associated with COVID-19 as she began to experience more serious symptoms.

"It just goes so quickly and it progresses so rapidly," Creeshaina Towery said.

Towery is sharing her family’s story in hopes it could help another child.

She said her daughter tested positive for the coronavirus in early January, while she never tested positive for the virus. They’re unsure where her daughter may have gotten it.

"Absolutely unconcerned, just because she was asymptomatic. She didn’t have any problems," Towery recalled.

But 30 days later, her daughter started to get really sick.

Towery didn’t initially think her daughter’s symptoms were COVID-related, since it had been so long since her diagnosis.

"She had gotten very lethargic, she was having very lucid dreams, the fever got up to 105. She had swollen lymph nodes, about golf ball-sized," she added.

Towery took her daughter to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, where she said doctors there immediately suspected multi-inflammatory syndrome, a rare condition connected to COVID-19, and then admitted her.

"If I would have not been vigilant, or if I would have not have taken the time to realize she wasn’t getting any better…I don’t even like to think what the outcome would’ve been," Towery said.

Her daughter spent five days hospitalized in mid-February, struggling to even get from one floor of the hospital to another.

"She could barely walk, and she was very tired, I actually had to get a wheelchair to take her around the hospital," Towery said.

Children’s Medical Center said, since the start of the pandemic, it’s seen 73 cases of multi-inflammatory syndrome in children.

Five weeks since Towery’s daughter was discharged, she was finally medically cleared by doctors and given a clean bill of health.

Just last week, she was able to complete a mile-long walk in 15 minutes, something she’d struggled to do for several weeks.

Her mom shared the big milestone in a video on Facebook.

Towery said her daughter is no longer showing any signs of long-lasting effects from her illness, and plans to get her daughter vaccinated as soon as her age group is eligible.