8-year-old boy inspires potential bone marrow donors

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An 8-year-old North Texas boy who is about to get a bone marrow transplant hopes to inspire others to donate.

Bennett Williams was diagnosed with leukemia when he was just a year old. He has been waiting for a bone marrow transplant and finally found a match in Germany.

On Sunday, people lined up at Hyer Elementary School in the Highland Park Independent School District to see if they might be able to help someone else.

One of Bennett’s supporters has already saved the life of a girl in Finland.

“Somebody on the other side of the world that speaks a different language and that I’ll never meet has my stem cells running through her body. It’s pretty crazy to know that any single person can come in and register and could be the match for someone in Finland. Or in Bennett’s case, somebody in Germany could be his match,” said Beter Thompson, a bone marrow donor.

Bennett is already in a hospital preparing for his transplant.