50 people displaced in North Dallas apartment fire

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A North Dallas apartment fire Monday afternoon destroyed several units and left 50 people without a home.

Dallas Fire and Rescue says the fire started on the second floor and then spread up through the chimney to the attic, where it nearly gutted the top floor of at least one building.

Adam Roos watched the fire from his apartment, burning just a few yards away from him before he escaped.

"It was like hell fire was coming up. It was like Armageddon,” Roos said. “At first, you could see the bedroom was on fire and then it starts to lick up to the ceiling. It was game over.”

Red Cross is helping people who lost their homes. Several neighbors are staying together at a friend’s house.

Firefighters say it grew to a four alarm fire merely because of manpower. They needed as many firefighters as they could to tear through the building, make rescues and then do the cleanup.

No one was injured in the fire.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.