4-year-old shot twice in drive-by shooting

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Dallas Police are investigating a shooting that left a child seriously injured Saturday afternoon.

A shooting was reported in the area of 6th St. and Marsalis just before 4:00 p.m.

Officer J. Saldana was flagged down by a distraught mother near Young Street and Lamar Street.

Preliminary information indicated that three unknown males in a vehicle discharged a firearm at a family of four.

Officer Saldana observed a four-year-old Latin female with a gunshot wound, and called for Dallas Fire and Rescue.

Cover Officer C. Mattox and Jesus Tovar arrived on scene and noticed that the victim sustained two gunshot wounds to the left leg. Police say the victim's mother had a placed pressure on the wound using a t-shirt, but officers noticed blood continued to spurt from the wounds.

Officer Mattox and Officer Tovar removed a tourniquet and applied it to the victim's leg to halt the bleeding. Officer B. Helms retrieved gauze and dressed the victim's wounds.

At approximately 3:45 p.m., Dallas Fire Rescue arrived on scene and transported the victim to a local hospital. Youth detectives have taken over the investigation and are currently interviewing witnesses.

Officer Mattox remained by the victim's side, held her hand, and kept her distracted as they rode to the hospital together. Officer Mattox was captivated by the victim's bravery, and stated that she was "a trooper," who remained calm and alert despite the severity of her injuries.

On the other hand, DFR paramedics praised the Dallas police officers' swift actions, and stated that the use of the tourniquet prevented the victim from bleeding out.

The Dallas Police Department would like to commend Officer J. Saldana, C. Mattox, J. Tovar, and B. Helms for their paramount actions during those four minutes that helped save a young child's life.

No arrests have been made at this time.