4 arrested after thefts at Dallas banks

Four individuals were arrested and charged for multiple thefts on Monday, June 12 in Far North Dallas

Deverio Bell, 26, Latwon Berry, 20, Jaden Kelley, 19, and Trayon Reed, 26 were all charged with Engaging in Organized Crime yesterday, police say. Bell and Reed are also charged with Aggravated Robbery. 

Reed used a fake name when he was brought in by police. He is facing additional charges.

At approximately 10:50AM on Monday, police were called to a bank on Preston Road near Walnut Hill Lane where bank bags and a victim’s purse was stolen. 

Police reported that the suspect left the scene in a car. 

Less than 30 minutes later, police found a similar car at another bank on Preston Road. Witnesses and a victim confirmed later that a man took a bank bag. 

Police took four individuals into custody after finding the same car at another bank on the same road. 

Reports say police confiscated a weapon and recovered the victim’s property. 

Police say this is an ongoing investigation.