2 Fort Worth children hurt in accidental shooting

Fort Worth police are investigating the accidental shooting of two young children by another child at a home on Thursday.

Around 11 a.m., a grandmother loaded her 5-year-old grandson and 7-year-old granddaughter into her car and rushed them to Cook Children's Hospital after finding them shot. She prayed along the way for the best outcome.

Elizabeth Hernandez lives just down the street.

"The family is an awfully good family," she said. "All I noticed was the police officers out here, and I came out here asking questions."

According to the family, the two younger children were looking for a cell phone to play with in a box of clothes when they found a gun. That's when a 10-year-old cousin tried to take it from them and it went off once, shooting the boy in the chest and the girl in the arm.

At last check, the family said one child was stable and the other was undergoing open heart surgery.

Police said the incident was an unfortunate accident, and there are no charges planned.

"Right now, we have detectives in the Crimes Against Children Unit investigating, along with CPS," said Officer Ivan Gomez with the Fort Worth Police Department. "And the preliminary investigation determined that it is an accidental shooting at this time."

The grandmother said the gun was the size of a handgun but painted with an orange tip and looked like a toy. She does not know where it came from.

Police have not yet said who they believe the gun belonged to. They do know it is a difficult case.

"It's heartbreaking," Gomez said. "Honestly when I got the alert, it's heartbreaking."