TMZ: Prince and Kelly & Michael

There's big money on the line for the family of a music legend and a daytime diva is back. TMZ's Harvey Levin is live in Los Angeles with the details.

Many are surprised to hear that Prince did not have a will. And that's going to mean a lot for his family members. He has six brothers and sisters, but only Tyka was his full sibling. People have assumed that Tyka, who has taken the reins, would get everything. His estate is worth around $150 million.

Kelly Rippa returned to Live with Kelly and Michael today. It kicked off with co-host Michael Strahan calling her the Queen of Morning TV. She says apologies have been made, but the drama may not really be over. Kelly apparently felt betrayed because no one told her that Michael was leaving the show. Sources say he's wanted to leave for a while because of bullying. There's also more money in GMA, he likes the co-hosts and he gets to cover sports stories. Michael reportedly texted Kelly on Tuesday, but she didn't respond until Saturday.