Tacodeli's Salsa de Mojo de Ajo

Salsa de Mojo de Ajo from Chef/Owner Roberto Espinosa, Tacodeli

This sauce is very versatile.  We use it at Tacodeli for fish and also beef, but at home we use it on just about everything from shredded chicken to grilled veggies.  Following is the Mojo de Ajo recipe and instructions on making tacos de Carne Asada al Mojo de Ajo.

1 cup Olive Oil
1 cup Garlic peeled and chopped
1 oz Salt or to taste
1 cup Cilantro chopped
2 oz Lime Juice

    Heat oil to just before smoking point
    Add chopped garlic (spread with heat resistant spatula or saute to spread around pan).  Once garlic is in hot oil the following steps need to happen at the right moments to prevent the garlic from burning.  This recipe requires your full attention from start to finish.
    Add salt and stir / saute in quickly
    Garlic will begin to turn golden brown; immediately follow next two steps
    Add Cilantro to help bring the temperature of the oil down and arrest the cooking of the garlic
    Immediately add the lime juice with the same intent as above and to add an acid component
    Stir / saute to meld flavors and transfer quickly to a stainless steel bowl to cool (do not use glass)
    Let cool and serve over meats in tacos, veggies or other sides of your choice

Carne Asada al Mojo de Ajo

2 or 3 Rib Eye steaks trimmed
Paprika or black pepper
Olive oil

    Pre-season rib-eye with salt and rest for a couple of hours (at minimum one) in fridge in order to allow salt to penetrate and flavor meat
    Take out of fridge and finish seasoning with paprika or pepper (dust the meat)
    Add small amount of olive oil to each side and rub into meat
    Prepare skillet or grill and prepare to desired doneness, preferably medium rare for tacos
    Let meat rest and cut into ½ inch squares
    Add meat to medium hot  skillet or saute pan and begin to re-heat
    Add the Mojo de Ajo sauce directly on the meat and let heat to temp
    Remove from skillet

Preparing the tacos
    Place 2 to 3 ounces of meat on a hot tortilla (corn, flour, or your choice)
    Garnish with sliced avocadoes and crumbled queso fresco and serve with a lime wedge