Pork Belly and Jarlsberg Sandwich

Chef Dusty Patek from the Vetted Well restaurant inside the Alamo Drafthouse shares a new take on PB&J.

Pork Belly and Jarlsberg Sandwich

Sourdough, slice ( 2 each)
Onion confit (2 oz.)
Pork belly (4 oz.)
Potato chip (2 oz.)
Jarlsberg, sliced (1 ½ oz.)
House pickle (4 chips)

Butter both slice of bread and place butter side down on flat to toast.

Equally distribute ⅔ of cheese to both sides of bread to start melting.

Place pork belly on the char grill for 10-20 seconds on each side to develop char flavor.  DO NOT BURN.

Move to hot flattop to finish cooking 1 minute each side.

Place onions on the flat and heat through.

When onions are hot and belly is cooked top the toasted bread.  One side with onion, the other with the belly.  

Add remaining on top of the onions and assemble sandwich.

Cut diagonally and plate with potato chips, coulis, and pickles.