Lucky's Pot Roast Hash

Chef Adrianna London from Lucky's Cafe helps simplify brunch with this delicious pot roast hash recipe.


1 oz. Unsalted, Melted Butter

2 Tbsp Diced Yellow Onion

2 Tbsp Diced Green Bell Pepper

1 2/2 tsp Sliced Green Onion

½ Cup Diced, Cooked Potatoes

2 Oz. Cubed Pot Roast

2 Oz. (Brazos Valley) White Cheddar Cheese

2 Eggs

Served with 6 oz. mixed, seasonal fruit (or toast)


The dish begins with the preparation of our slow cooked pot roast (which is on the dinner menu). We reserve a portion for this popular brunch dish!

Dice potato and bring to a boil in water (then put through a deep fry process). Set aside.

Heat omelet pan over medium heat and add butter. Add white onion and green pepper, saute' until they begin to soften. Add cooked, diced potatoes and cubed pot roast and toss. Add white cheddar and "flip" contents of the pan twice.

Crack 2 eggs on top of the hash and cook approximately 2 minutes more for a sunny side up look.

Serve with fruit or toast.