Kona Coffee-Crusted Pork

Get a sample of  Hawaiian flavors from Roy's in Plano.

Kona Coffee Dry Rub:        
1 C Kona Coffee (finely ground)
2T Chipotle Powder
2T Paprika
1/3 C Dark Brown Sugar
1T Dry Mustard
3ea Orange Zest
3ea Lemon Zest (4 lemons)
2T Hawaiian Salt
1T Black Pepper, ground
1T Coriander, ground
2t Dried Ginger, ground
¼ C Cilantro, fresh minced

Method: Combine all ingredients and incorporate well.  Add to pork, then sear in a hot pan.

Coconut Okinawan Potato Purée     Yield: 3 Cups
1# Okinawan Potatoes (peeled, sliced ¼ inch)
1T Roasted Garlic Oil
1T Ginger (finely chopped)
10ea Roasted Garlic Cloves
1.5 C Coconut Milk
1.5 C Chicken Stock, fortified
½ t  Salt
1T Honey


In a heavy bottom sauce pot, heat up the garlic oil and quickly sauté the ginger.

Add the cloves of roasted garlic and continue to sauté for an additional 30 seconds.

Deglaze with the Coconut Milk and Chicken Stock

Add the Okinawan Potatoes and simmer with a cartouche for 20 minutes.

Combine remaining ingredients and the hot potato mixture into the Vita Prep.

Using a 2oz ladle, push down and agitate the mixture until a fine purée is formed.

Reserve in a deli container with the lid in the hot well.