Kayaks now allowed at Plano's Oak Point Park

Paddling comes to Plano later this week --- that includes kayaking, canoeing or paddleboarding at Oak Point Park. 

Plano Parks and Rec Department spokesman Chauncey Deller said starting on Wednesday people will be able to get in the water just beyond the Oak Point Park Nature & Retreat Center.

Residents can bring their own canoe, kayak or board to the pond anytime between dawn and dusk. There will also be rentals and classes there on Wednesday during the summer.

Plano could eventually expand the project to other areas in the city.

"The pond at Oak Point is our pilot location, and we plan to assess future opportunities as we strive to make paddling a part of Plano's park system," Chief Park Planner Renee Jordan said.

There will be no lifeguards at the pond and life vests are required.

LINK: www.plano.gov/DocumentCenter/View/25253