Italian Flatbread Sandwich

Chef Salvatore Olivella from Olivella's makes a delicious Italian sandwich.

Flatbread  - 1 package
Arugula - 10 oz (2 oz. per sandwich)
Aged prosciutto - 10 oz (2 oz. per sandwich)
Fresh mozzarella, then shred - 250 g (50 g per sandwich)
Parmesan, then shred - 100 g (20 g per sandwich)
EVOO - 5 tbsp (1 tbsp per sandwich)
Pesto -5 tbsp (1 tbsp per sandwich)
Balsamic vinegar - just a drizzle inside of each sandwich


1. Heat saute pan on medium (can add a bit of oil in pan if desired).

2. Lay flatbread out and brush EVOO and pesto, and sprinkle mozzarella inside the bread.

3. Fold and sauté until cheese is golden and a little melted.

4. When a little toasted, remove from heat.

5. Open the bread and layer in prosciutto, arugula and parmesan.

6. Put back in pan to warm back up.

7. Cut into four pieces; drizzle with Balsamic to bring out the flavor.