International falafel day

First, choose a regular size sandwich, which comes with 5 falafel balls. If you're not as hungry, choose the small size, which has 3 falafel balls.

Then, make your way to the topping bar.

      1.     Add a scoop of hummus
      2.     Add a scoop of babaghanoush
      3.     Add a scoop of torrator
      4.     Add fried eggplant
      5.     Add another heaping scoop of torrator

*One important tip when making the falafel sandwich is to crush the falafel balls in the pita prior to adding the toppings. This allows for more room for the toppings. If you love garlic like Chris Kline, the owner, you want there to be lots of room for torrator.

Other popular topping items are:

            Tahini sauce
            Yogurt Sauce (Tzatziki)
            Imported Pickles
            Pickled Vegetables
            Cucumber Salad