Eggplant Parmesan

Chef Steve Leon from the Cheesecake Factory makes delicious eggplant parmesan with marinara.


1 ea. Italian Eggplant, medium-sized
2 tsps. Kosher Salt
1 cup Eggs, beaten
1/2 cup All Purpose Flour
2 cups Italian-Style Breadcrumbs
1/2 cup Vegetable Oil
5 oz. Angel Hair Pasta
3/4 cup Marinara Sauce
1/8 tsp. Kosher Salt
1/4 oz. Parmesan Cheese, grated
4 oz. Mozzarella, grated
1/4 cup Basil Infused Olive Oil
1/8 oz. Parmesan Cheese, grated
1/2 tsp. Parsley, chopped


Carefully trim the top and bottom off of the eggplant and peel all of the skin.

Slice the eggplant into 1/2" round disks. (approx. 6 slices)

Line a baking sheet with paper towels.  Sprinkle a little kosher salt over both sides of the eggplant and set the disks on the paper towels.  Cover the slices with another paper towel and place in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Remove the eggplant from the refrigerator and pat the slices dry with paper towels.

Dredge the slices in flour, then egg and breadcrumbs.  Set aside until needed.

Heat the canola oil in a large non-stick sauté pan over medium heat until shimmering but not smoking.

Working in batches, not to over-crowd the pan, carefully fry the eggplants slices for approx. 2 minutes per side.

Place the fried eggplant slices onto a plate lined with paper towels and season with salt.  Repeat the process until all of the eggplant     slices are golden brown and crispy.

Drop the pasta into boiling, salted water and cook until al dente (approx. 4-1/2 mins.). Drain well.

Place the marinara sauce into a small sauce pan set over medium-high heat, stirring to incorporate. Cook the sauce until heated through.

Line a baking sheet with a wire rack and place the crispy eggplant slices evenly onto the rack.

Sprinkle the parmesan cheese evenly over the eggplant.  Sprinkle the mozzarella evenly over the eggplant slices. Place the baking sheet     into the oven under the broiler until the cheese melts (20 - 30 secs.).

Ladle the basil oil into a non-stick sauté pan set over medium-high heat, cooking until heated through. Add the pasta into the pan, tossing     to incorporate.

Shingle the eggplant slices onto the lower portion of two plates.

Mound the pasta onto each plate above the eggplant.

Drizzle the marinara sauce randomly over the eggplant slices and filling in any open areas of the plate.

Sprinkle the parmesan cheese evenly over the pasta and eggplant.

Sprinkle the chopped parsley evenly over the eggplant

Bon Appetit!