Back-to-School recipes from Chef Tim Love

This week we're getting helpful suggestions and tested family recipes from chefs who are busy preparing their kids for school. Chef Tim Love is a father of twin teenage girls and a son. He shares the recipes for to-go breakfast tacos, granola parfait and pesto three ways.

Breakfast Tacos

1 6" flour tortilla
1 egg (scrambled) 
½ oz of breakfast sausage
½ oz of Monterrey jack cheese

Scramble eggs with salt and pepper. Wrap in aluminum foil and keep in preheated oven until ready to eat.

Breakfast Parfait 

8 oz Greek yogurt 
½ cup strawberries   
½ cup blueberries     
½ cup raspberries    
¼ cup granola  

Layer yogurt and fruit. Top with granola!

Basil Jalapeno Pesto

¼ Bag Spinach
½ cup Basil
1 ½ cups pistachios
6 tablespoons Garlic cloves
½ cup Parmesan
5 ½ cups Olive oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
2-3 Jalapenos, Roasted and peeled

Combine all in food processor and combine. Try not to over blend.

Vegetable Pasta Salad

¼ cup of pesto
2 cups of linguini cooked
2 cups of chopped vegetables already grilled and cold

Mix together pesto and linguini. Add vegetables. Enjoy!

Caprese Sandwich 

2 slices of wheat bread 
1 oz of basil pesto 
2 Roma tomatoes sliced
2 oz of fresh mozzarella sliced
3 fresh basil leaves

Toast wheat bread to the desired doneness. Spread half the pesto on the bottom piece of bread. Layer with tomato and cheese. Top with the remaining pest and fresh basil. Apply the top piece of bread and enjoy!

Steak Roll Up 

1 12" flour tortilla
4 oz of grilled NY strip, sliced and chilled
1 oz of fresh red bell peppers
1 oz of fresh red onion
1 oz of shredded Romaine lettuce
2 oz of shredded jack cheese

Grill steak to the desired temperature. Remove from heat, rest and chill in the refrigerator. Slice against the grain, 1/8" thick. Place steak in a row in the center of your tortilla. Add peppers and onions, and top with lettuce. Fold the bottom section of the tortilla up over your ingredients and pull down tight! Fold the left and right sections towards the center, and roll upwards.