Unique toys for kids of all ages

From reminders of your own childhood to unlocking a virtual world of play, these toys are sure to bring smiles.

Playmobil Knight Rider K.I.T.T.


K.I.T.T., the iconic vehicle from the classic 80s series Knight Rider comes complete with electronic features and a highly detailed interior. Touch the hood of the car to hear original voice clips of K.I.T.T. and operate the scanner light. Includes authentic features from the series: rotating K.I.T.T. license plate, pop-up headlights, and functioning grappling hook for amazing stunts. The set includes Michael Knight, Devon Miles, Bonnie Barstow, and other accessories. 

Mega Chomp Shark


Mega Chomp is the mega-sized great white shark RC toy you control on land. A swishing tail and half-submerged body turn any floor into shark-infested waters. Its teeth continuously chomp as you chase and attack anything in its path. 

20" Mobo Malibu Bike


Designed for younger riders, the Mobo Malibu children’s bicycle features a step-through frame, gearing designed for easy starts, and kid-size grips and seat. It includes a rear coaster brake (reverse the pedals to stop) and a front hand brake to ease the transition to an adult hand-brake bike when they’re ready. This bike is designed for kids 6 to 10 years old, or kids 46-54 inches tall. It supports riders up to 140 pounds and comes 85% assembled!

Miraculous Switch N Go Scooter


"Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Miraculous!" Now you can have the transforming powers that Ladybug has! Transform the secret Ladybug pod into her signature red and black Lucky Charm scooter for fast superhero action. The baddies definitely won’t get away! 

FAO Schwartz Fashion Runway


Star in your very own fashion show with this 58-inch-tall runway! Use the rear-mounted mirror for a final check before strutting the red carpet. The set features a fashion runway stage, makeup studio, dressing room, and designer closet. Plus, it comes complete with built-in LED lights!

Disney Pixar Lightyear Jetpack Liftoff Buzz Lightyear


Jetpack Liftoff Buzz Lightyear features a fusion canister. When it’s filled with water and loaded in, Buzz can snap on his helmet and spread his jetpack wings to their full 9.5-inch width to prepare for liftoff. When Buzz is lifted off the ground, light and sound effects play, and an actual vapor trail comes out of the jetpack for realistic flying hero play! The fun is amplified by more than 20 phrases and sounds from the thrilling animated adventure



It’s one doll with more than 100 looks! Bring the fun of creating virtual avatars to real life. Each doll can be customized from head to toe with accessories, stickers, and fashion pieces. Then take part in the online My Avastars Fashion Game. Each box includes an 11" fashion doll, signature outfit, wig, surprise outfit, 50+ reusable stickers, and collector card.

Wakanda Forever


The World of EPI has mastered the art of bringing the finest details to scale with their line of Wakanda Forever Fashion Dolls. Each character is inspired by the film and comes with a unique accessory, custom-blended skin tones and innovative hairstyles.

Zip Linx 


Zi Linx is the chain reaction game that lets you launch into action! Includes over 5 feet of interlocking ZipLinx. Each uniquely designed 3.3" interlocking ZipLinx piece lets you create an unlimited number of designs to launch the fly ball into the air! The best part? No accidental starts of your run. Your blast balls won’t "pop" until you lay in the special Linx Launcher Key!

Miko 3


Miko 3 is high-tech without being too technical. This AI friend calls kids by name and responds to their mood while prompting them to engage in educational playtime. Parents will love that you can monitor users’ progress in learning games and activities. 

Glo-Up Girls


Welcome to the world of GLO-UP where a little #GLO-TIVATION is all you need to achieve your goals! Style your GLO-UP Girls to look fabulously EXTRA with fashions, accessories, makeup, and more! Make a statement with hair gems for both you and your doll. Change her lipstick, nail color, shoes, and socks. Then complete her outfit with accessories and dazzling jewelry. Just like every real girl, each GLO-UP Girl has a unique personality and style and awesome aspirations. 

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