Top 10 toys for 2019

Hundreds of product pitches later... these toys are our TOP 10!


Give your baby a head start with Canticos!  An adorable world inspired by Latino nursery rhymes. We fell in love with the beautiful illustrations and easy to follow lessons disguised as stories. Expand your collection and your child's education when you sing along with the free Canticos app!  The perfect way to introduce your little ones to a second language with storytime like this they'll be well on their way to becoming a global citizen.   
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smART Pixelator

Turn any photo into a beautiful work of art!  The smART Pixelator is truing Arts & Crafts time into a whole new experience!  Build 2D and 3D projects using Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, easy-to-follow lights encourage STEAM learning and creativity. Right out of the box, children can create 50 step-by-step designs to keep the fun flowing.
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Lego Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School 

For years we've loved LEGO. Now we love it even more with a new augmented-reality play experience. LEGO Hidden Side is a unique play experience combining the open creative play of LEGO toys with an app that brings playsets to life! This Newbury Haunted High School playset lets kids build their very own school for hours of imaginative play. 
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Magformers Construction Set

Any budding engineer is sure to be fascinated by the endless construction possibilities with the Magformers Construction set. Become a construction worker and build cranes, trucks and diggers, plus add sirens. Each geometric shape contains "always attracting" magnetic technology - delivering a unique and easy constructional play experience.
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Gumball Machine Maker Lab

Build your own gumball machine with this science kit that's part marble run, part roller coaster, part pinball machine. Move the track to create an almost limitless number of different gumball machines. Then, add a pulley, pendulum, rubber band trampoline, or dominoes, to get the gumballs to perform all sorts of cool stunts! 
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Green Toys Parking Garage

Keep it simple and let their imagination do the work! The Green Toys Parking Garage is a multi-level play space that encourages motor skill development and imaginative play. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs, this toy is loaded with good green fun.
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Loog Mini Guitar 

Give your little rocker a sense of accomplishment with the Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar. This 3-string guitar (about the size of a ukulele) comes with an accompanying app to help your child jump into playing songs on day one. Plus, its digital songbook includes music from the Beatles, the Stones and Taylor Swift.
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Doodlematic turns your child's drawings into interactive video games! The app designs instantly playable games using markers, paper and an iPad.
Play alone, or with parents, siblings and friends for hours of interactive fun created by you! 
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Crayola Glitter Dots Sparkle Station

Finally, you can say yes and not worry about the mess! Crayola Glitter Dots Sparkle Station offers fun glitter play in a less messy way! Made from an innovative, glitter-infused compound, this dazzling craft set features 84 Glitter Dots in a variety of vibrant colors that let creativity shine. Just squish, spread, and let them sparkle on the provided cardstock crafts or most other surfaces. Make your designs dynamic by using the rollers and cutters.
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ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests

Get off the couch and into the yard turned laser tag arena with the ArmoGear laser tag blaster set. The target vests can receive hits with tactile vibrations - just like in an authentic laser tag arcade. Hours of entertainment and exercise! 
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