15 must-have tech gifts for 2019

Want the hottest tech of the season?  You'll find it right here!

Shure MV88+ Video Kit and Mic

The MV88+ Video Kit is your mobile professional recording rig right out of the box! Includes Manfrotto PIXI Tripod, phone clamp & shoe-mount mic clip, USB-C & lightning cables- just pair with the free ShurePlus MOTIV audio & video Apps to enable recording control and the ability to save and share your content in multiple formats. Pro-quality condenser mic with two capsules in a Mid-Side configuration provide an adjustable stereo image, suitable for capturing a variety of sources, including music and speech. Then edit pictures and sound with unparalleled precision!  
Buy It: amzn.to/2NDlce4

XENVO Phone Camera Lens

Expand the capabilities of your phone's camera with these incredible lens attachments from Xeno.  Compatible with all single and dual camera phones, the kit includes TruView 0.45x Wide Angle Lens, Clarus 15x Macro Lens, TruGrip Lens Clip, GlowClip Mini Rechargeable LED Light + Charging Cable, Quick-Release Lanyard, DuraCase, EasyClip, Cleaning Cloth and LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Buy It: amzn.to/2NDlce4

Epson Eco Tank Printer

Forget about constantly changing out ink cartridges!  Now enjoy cartridge-free printing with easy-to-fill, supersized ink tanks. You can save up to 90 percent with low-cost replacement ink bottles ― costing as little as 1 cent per color ISO page versus 20 cents with ink cartridges. Each replacement ink bottle set includes enough ink to print up to 7,500/6,000 pages- equivalent to about 80 individual cartridges. That means less waste. 150-sheet paper tray, 30-sheet ADF, voice-activated printing, and wired and wireless connectivity all included too!
Buy It: amzn.to/2pIlV5K

Nokia 9 Pure View

That new three camera phone is cool... the Nokia 9 Pure View is even cooler with 5 cameras built in!  This limited edition device is the world's first smartphone to feature a next generation rear 5 Camera system complete with ZEISS Optics to fuse 5 separate images into one incredible shot with unparalleled detail. Utilizing the power of hardware and software developed alongside each other, the camera array delivers outstanding dynamic range – giving exceptional detail in both bright sunlight and dark shadow.  2K LED “Pure display” screen and integrated Qi wireless charging too.
Buy It: amzn.to/2WKPcIW

HomeNetwerks Bluetooth Fan and Light and Music

Tech your own halls for the holidays with this bathroom fan featuring an integrated Bluetooth-enabled stereo speaker and LED light. Each fan runs at only 1.5 sones and moves up to 100 CFM of air. The speaker is designed to pair effortlessly with various smartphones and tablets so you can enjoy your music and podcasts. Includes a remote control and wall switches.
Buy It: www.homedepot.com/p/Home-Netwerks-Decorative-White-100-CFM-Bluetooth-Stereo-Speakers-Bathroom-Exhaust-Fan-with-LED-Light-and-Remote-7130-06-BT/301051660

Nest Learning Thermostat

If you've been on the fence.. take the plunge!  The now 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat is guaranteed to warm your holidays- or cool them if you like.  Not only is it easy for your holiday guests to adjust, but it learns your favorite temperature settings and adjusts itself too!  Precise control from any location means you'll cut costs - save up to 12% on heating and 15% on cooling- that's your holiday shopping budget for next year! 
Buy It: www.homedepot.com/p/Google-Nest-Learning-Thermostat-3rd-Gen-in-Stainless-Steel-T3007ES/206391087

Tapplock Lite

Tapplock’s advanced fingerprint technology identifies the access user to 99.999% accuracy and grants access in under 0.8 seconds. Stores up to 100 fingerprints for multiple users per lock. Share Bluetooth access remotely with family & friends from the Tapplock app and it will notify you whenever the lock is accessed. Compact design is great for your gym locker with 3 Ways To Unlock: Fingerprint, Bluetooth, and backup Morse code.
Buy It: amzn.to/2qnqAdq

Wicked Audio SYVER Earbud/Speaker Combo  

Who says you can’t have it all? Rock out loud or on a more personal level with this speaker + earbud combo whenever and wherever you want.  2-in-1 the Bluetooth speaker houses the true wireless earbuds and doubles as the charging case.  Easy pairing, waterproof naturally angled earbuds sit comfortably in your ears so you can feel the music, not your buds.
Buy It: wickedaudio.com/products/syver-true-wireless-earbud

Next Lock from Yale

Easily add a new level of security to your home with this Nest x Yale Lock with Nest Connect. Each lock set features a keyless deadbolt and a secure tamper-proof design that can not be picked. The remote access allows for unique passcodes that can be individually be used with family members and friends. Syncs with the Nest application.
Buy It: www.homedepot.com/p/Google-Nest-x-Yale-Lock-Satin-Nickel-with-Google-Nest-Connect-RB-YRD540-WV-619/304517994

NEXX Smart Garage Opener

Never worry again if you shut the garage door!  Conveniently open and close your garage door by turning your existing Wi-Fi network and garage door opener into a single integrated smart device that you can control and monitor from anywhere. Now with the NEXX control comes via the Nexx Home app, or by giving voice commands to your Alexa or Google Assistant devices, automate with SmartThings, or by driving near your garage door. You can authorize multiple people to access your garage, you can open and close the door if a guest arrives and you're away, and you can receive notifications if you forget to close the door.
Buy It: amzn.to/2Dkg89G

Tushy Classic

Treat your bum like royalty with the Tushy Classic Bidet Toilet attachment. This attachable bidet requires NO electricity or additional plumbing. Installation is faster than a smartphone update and the adjustable nozzle and pressure control mean the angle is always awesome! Tushy even cuts your TP use by 80% saving you money and saving the world too!  
Buy It: amzn.to/2JU4ciJ

myCharge Camping Lantern Power Bank

The myCharge Adventure Power Lumens is a high lumen LED lamp great for camping, and can also deliver 10,000mAh of fast charging power to your cell phones and devices via 2 USB ports with a 2.4A Max shared output. Camping light features a run time of up to 40 hours and features 4 settings of brightness and an SOS flash setting in case of emergency. 
Buy It: amzn.to/2NhgGTA

Renew Skin Scrubber

Your skin renewed... ReNew by Pure Daily Care is a quick, simple and effective dermabrasion device. This skin scrubber uses a hygienic dermatological grade steel edge that uses sonic vibrations to exfoliate and peel away the surface layer of dead skin while also extracting dirt, oil, sebum and blackheads trapped in pores to thoroughly clean them. 
Buy It: amzn.to/2rbVXYB

Osmo Pocket

As the smallest 3-axis stabilized handheld camera DJI has ever designed, the compact and intelligent Osmo Pocket turns any moment into a cinematic memory.  It all comes in an ultra-compact, lightweight form- plus pair it with the Mimo app for Active Track, Face Track, Motionlapse, and other creative functions!  It's the go-anywhere must-have for every memory! 
Buy It: amzn.to/2pIQV5D

SideTrak Portable USB Monitor 12.5" Screen

SideTrak stays attached to your laptop with device safe metal plates and is ready to go in seconds! Simply plug it into your laptop and you’re ready to rock double the screen space! start! Travel worry-free! SideTrak is about 1.5 lbs, and its compact design and sleek matte black finish maintain a low profile on your laptop. Compatible with most Mac, Windows, and Chromebook laptops.
Buy It: amzn.to/34zmNZm

MXL Podcasting Bundle

Your podcast perfected!  You can't go wrong with the MXL Podcasting Bundle- everything you need for superior sound with warm, rich tones and excellent side rejection. The BCD-Stand with articulating hinge arm allows for easy mic placement and provides a professional look and feel for podcasters. The MXL Mic Mate Pro is an XLR-to-USB adapter audio interface with 48V phantom power, gain and headphone volume control, and studio-quality preamp. Now all you need is a great guest for your show!
Buy It: www.mxlmics.com/microphones/podcasting/APS/

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