Waiting For The Weekend....

A LOT more heat...and a few more storms.

We'll take this 8 day streak another 4 days with 102's today and tomorrow, then a jump to 104's to finish the week Fortunately, a weak disturbance overhead will keep a low chance (10-20%) for a brief, gusty storm this afternoon.

Highest chances appear to be from DFW west and north again. Tomorrow that disturbance shifts east and then dies out late week.

We wait until the weekend for our cold front, which still appears to be on schedule for Saturday...maybe just a bit delayed. We'll increase the forecast to mid to upper 90s with that delay, and storms will likely fire up with any heating that afternoon. Some may be strong.

By Sunday, we may see a few storms linger (mainly DFW south) but also get onto the "cooler" side with highs in the low 90s. Looks like that "below normal" air may last into Monday as well!