Three More Triple Digit days...

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It's HOT..until it's NOT! (And the "not" is coming...)

At least three more rough days. 102 today, and inching up through Friday to 104. Not much has changed there.
We still have HEAT ADVISORIES from the Metroplex east, and a low (10%) chance for a PM storm east as well today only.

Friday night, a cold front will get down to the Red River, with a chance for a few storms, although most of us will wait until Saturday. The speed of the front will determine temps that day. Still have Metro temps well into the 90s. Could still hit 100 south, but low 90s possible north. Showers/storms will also increase with heating. Some could be strong or even severe with gusty winds.main threat.

The front will stall either just south...or in our southern counties Sun-Mon, so we will keep the threat for showers going as well as lower temps. Highs may be closer to 90 both days! Nice!