Storms For Some To End The Week!

A "Flirting" forecast! Flirting with the century mark. Flirting with storms. Flirting with the hottest weather of the summer next week!

Today will again be close to 100. The actual number is random...although it's an equal chance of 99. We'll still have a south breeze and a few AM clouds.

There is a storm complex in Oklahoma that may produce a shower NE early this AM. Otherwise the next chance for showers & storms will be tonight as new storms form in Oklahoma and head SE. Highest chances will be north but some storms may survive and get into the Metroplex Fri AM.

We'll then heat up fri PM...with new storms in OK ...that may get into NTX during the evening or at night which could produce gusty winds. Some showers may even linger into early Sat AM.

Rest of the weekend should be dry. Partly sunny Saturday...More sun for Sunday. Highs generally mid to upper 90s.
Next week the dreaded summer HIGH builds into the plains. We won't be the hottest in the nation, but highs will be near or just under 100 Mon-Tue and then jump to 100 or over the rest of the week.