More Storms Lie Ahead!

A chance for storms every day for the rest of May!

Not everywhere of course, but we start this AM with a convective complex impacting areas from DFW north/NE through at least 9am. some heavy rain, frequent lightning and gusty winds. That will die off with a chance for scattered storms elsewhere PM. Those shouldn't be severe though, Highs mid 80s and humid.

New storms (severe) will form in West Texas along the dry line and head east overnight and will impact areas west and north of DFW. High winds, hail are threats.

The remnants may hang around Tue AM with new storms popping again PM (non-severe) in the humid air.
Wednesday is the "most" stable with a cap in place and highs near 90. Just a 20% chance for a storm, but if one forms it would be severe.

Late week a stronger upper level system heads in...basically breaking the cap, and producing more widespread storms, and some will likely be severe.

At this point, the weekend and into memorial Day looks a bit calmer...with more typical warmth, and humidity and just an isolated PM heat of the day storm.