More 90s On The Way!

Summer weather is here a few days early...

"Normal" highs when summer begins are in the low 90s. We'll be there all week, and into the weekend.
Still hazy with light winds today. One more pollution watch as temps hit 93.

Forecast is similar tomorrow, but with a slightly stronger breeze to mix the air AND increase the humidity. Heat Index will head to the mid-upper 90s.

Friday and into the weekend will see a few PM clouds build up, with an isolated shower (or two) but nothing long lasting or widespread. Very spotty. Still low 90s.

We may inch up a bit early next week ahead of a slightly stronger upper level trough which is now moving a bit slower. That means the higher chance for storms should hold off until Tue. night or Wed...although the trend is for that to be weakening over time, so rain chances may not last too long.