Last Summer Day For a While!

The END is in sight! (Not of the world...just the dry streak!)

One last day of very warm upper 90s with a good breeze however we do expect extra clouds to roll in along with a low shower chance north as showers die off from Oklahoma.

Wed. AM the cold front heads in and will cross the area from north to south. Highs will range from the 80s north to mid 90s south with showers/storms becoming likely PM-eve. A few may be strong with gusty winds.

Late Wed. night into Thu AM, a second surge of cooler air arrives with more showers and rather cool August air. lows in the 60s, highs in the 80s now expected.

By Friday, we return to the mid 90s with upper 90s this weekend. Yet another cold front (weaker this time) will move in Sunday eve. with another low chance for storms and a little drop in temps early next week!