Kiss Goodbye Those Winter Temps!

R.I.P. WINTER! Spring looks to start early...

Increasing south winds have picked up moisture and LOTS of low clouds. Not a pretty day today with clouds lasting most of the day, although the may break a bit from DFW west later on. Highs 70s west, 60s east and there may be a few sprinkles in the clouds late this morning through noon or so.

It stays mild and humid overnight with south winds continuing into Friday. The morning clouds should break up a bit more, allowing temps to head into the upper 70s...even a few 80 degree readings west.

A very weak front will settle onto the Red River Friday night-Sat AM before stalling out. IF we see any showers (or a storm) it would tend to be north/east. Coverage will be low.

For most of us, Saturday will see clouds break up PM and highs around 80, with low 80s Sunday as partly sunny skies are expected.

SPRING begins Monday with gusty winds and highs in the mid 80s, and even though another front will try to head in looks to stall as well on the red River, leaving us warm and humid. That may eventually help to bubble up STORMS Thursday..we'll have to watch for severe weather potential that day....