Gray Lingers Longer....

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One little hiccup, then we fast forward to fine fall weather!

Today has changed thanks to the clouds that lingered last night, and will linger this AM. Temps are NOT as cool as we forecast and the clouds will linger until we clear out later on from N to S. We will still push towards 80 later on with any sun, although southern co's may stay in 70s.

We'll clear tonight and drop into the 50s, then rebound quickly tomorrow with sunny skies and a light west wind. It will actually be quite warm PM, with highs well into the 80s.

The next cold front will blow through at night and the impacts will linger through Saturday. Highs will only be near 80 Thu-Fri, with lows in the 50s, before we slowly rebound this weekend.

By Sunday, south winds will push us into the mid 80s and even the upper 80s early next week (with 90 not out of the question).