Chance for freezing rain late Saturday, Sunday in North Texas

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North Texas could go from temperatures in the 70s on Friday to freezing drizzle Saturday.

Forecasters said there was a 30 percent chance of precipitation late Saturday and overnight into Sunday morning for parts of North Texas.

Temperatures will drop throughout the day on Saturday from the mid-50s to below freezing overnight. Sunday’s high temperature is expected to be in the mid-30s.

TxDOT was out preparing highways on Friday with a salt water solution to keep ice from sticking, just in case.

"We want to prevent ice from fusing onto the bridge deck. Once it fuses on there it is very difficult to remove, so we are using the brine to prevent that from happening,” said TxDOT’s Val Lopez. “We will keep doing that through Friday afternoon. Tomorrow we will have crews on standby and if that winter weather does roll in, we will transition at that point to our granular product -- whether it's salt, sand or a combination of those to actually de-ice the roadways."

Arlington Public Works is also making sure its sand trucks are loaded and ready for the wintry forecast. The sand mixture would be used during an ice or sleet storm. The city already sprayed a brine antifreeze mixture Friday morning.

And if the weather hits, extra crews will roll out.

“We are on call,” said Richardson Carmichael with Arlington Public Works. “We have a staff that will probably come in sometime tomorrow night or early Sunday morning."

The city of Carrollton is also pre-treating roads. It’s warning drivers to keep at least 200 feet behind trucks keeping the roads safe.

Dallas TxDOT trucks have been out the past two days spraying brine on highway bridges and overpasses as a preventative measure.

TxDOT has 10,000 miles of lane highway to keep an eye on and also has sand trucks on standby if needed.

In Fort Worth, TxDOT brine trucks were being refilled and are ready to go should roads turn treacherous.

"And if that winter weather does roll in, we'll usually transition at that point to our granular products — whether that's salt, sand, a combination of those to actually de-ice the roadway,” said Val Lopez with TxDOT.

The city of Dallas will have scout teams out this weekend to evaluate the road conditions. If it's bad enough, it will activate Ice Force One with 30 trucks equipped to spread sand and another 30 trucks on stand-by just in case.