Another Very Warm Weekend!

One day, you'll wake up and it will be chilly! But guaranteed it won't be for a LONG time!

Another very warm day, but a little different. We will see more clouds today as a cold front heads in late AM through the afternoon hours. We'll keep the 20% coverage of showers there, although any that form will be brief.

Drier air head in overnight as skies clear out. Saturday will be very nice. Pleasant AM (upper 50s to low 60s) and warm 80s PM.

Sunday heats up rapidly into the low 90s with a SSW wind, which lasts into Monday before a weak cold front heads in. Normally that would drop us a lot this time of year, but alas, not this time.

More dry air Tuesday will take us back well into the 80s, with low 90s to finish the week.