Why heat index matters

Ali Turiano explains why the heat index matters and the toll it can take on your body.

What is the fujita scale?

What is the difference between an EF1 and an EF3 tornado? FOX 4 meteorologist Dylan Federico explains.

How meteorologists calculate the chance of rain

You always see rain percentages in the FOX 4 Weather forecast. But what does that number really mean? Meteorologist Evan Andrews takes a minute to explain rain chances and how percentages are calculated.

The different types of storm clouds

There are several different types of clouds that come with thunderstorms and each one can mean a different type of weather phenomenon. FOX 4 Weather Meteorologist Evan Andrews explains.

What is a wall cloud?

A wall cloud may be one of the most ominous clouds you'll see. But how and why does it form? FOX 4 Weather Meteorologist Evan Andrews explains.

Criteria for outdoor warning signs

Whenever there is severe weather, one of the things everybody listens for is an outdoor warning siren. But they can go off for a lot of different reasons. They are not just for tornadoes.

What to know when reporting hail sizes

Severe weather season is approaching. FOX 4 Weather Meteorologist Kylie Capps talks about how and when you should send us hail size reports. Plus, she has a safety warning before you go out and take photos.

What is El Nino & La Nina?

We often hear about El Nino and La Nina. But what does it actually mean for our weather here in North Texas? Dylan Federico explains.