Fort Worth designates August as Gun Safety Awareness Month

Weeks after a 12-year-old boy was shot and killed by accident after a toddler got a hold of a gun, the city of Fort Worth is raising awareness about gun safety. A Cook's Children doctor said two out of three child gunshot victims from over the weekend were from accidental shootings.

Fort Worth's teen curfew expires

Fort Worth's curfew ordinance for children under the age of 17 is set to expire today. It's been in place for nearly 30 years.

Fort Worth renames rec center after Atatiana Jefferson

The vote came as a bit of a surprise Tuesday night. The agenda only called for a city council member to propose changing the name of the Hillside Community Center in Jefferson's name. But he pushed the council to vote, despite some opposition from people who live in the area.

Fort Worth becomes first city in the U.S. to mine bitcoin

The city of Fort Worth will be the first U.S. city to mine cryptocurrency. On Tuesday, council members voted on a resolution to encourage the development of the industry. In return, the city will be given three crypto mining computers.