Fort Worth becomes first city in the U.S. to mine bitcoin

The city of Fort Worth will be the first U.S. city to mine cryptocurrency. On Tuesday, council members voted on a resolution to encourage the development of the industry. In return, the city will be given three crypto mining computers.

Fort Worth 911 call center tries new strategies to fill call taker vacancies

Fort Worth Police Communications admits it's struggling to fill positions with 39 current vacancies. This is an all-time high. According to a recent report sent to the mayor and city council, as new employees are hired, the department says it’s losing employees even faster, causing a backup on 911 phone lines.

Mattie Parker sworn in as Fort Worth’s newest mayor

Fort worth's youngest mayor was sworn in Tuesday and delivered her first remarks as the new mayor. Former Mayor Betsy Price passed the torch to Mattie Parker, who was her former chief of staff of five years, in the form of a giant gavel.