NFL reveals 2018 draft setup for AT&T Stadium

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The NFL and Dallas Cowboys revealed on Wednesday what AT&T Stadium will look like when the NFL Draft comes to town in April.

The three-day event is being held at a stadium for the first time and features attractions outside and the draft stage inside on the field.

Some of the things to do for fans includes football skills challenges, autograph tables, photos with the Cowboys’ Super Bowl trophies and items from the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The league said more than 250,000 people have registered for its Fan Mobile Pass, which will grant access to the draft. Of those registered, about 60,000 will be selected randomly to get seats inside the stadium to watch the draft.

"You're in a stadium, but it feels like you're outdoors,” said Peter O'Reilly, NFL senior VP of events. “And the ability to connect the indoor theater that we are building here with the outdoor fan plaza is not something every stadium has."

Artist renderings show a multitude of events to be held outside the stadium that will include food, music and even an NFL combine challenge where fans can measure themselves against the greats.

Given the vast amount of space inside AT&T Stadium, the NFL says it's going to do something it's never done before creating "team fan delegations" on the field called the inner circle.

"Each of the 32 teams will have the opportunity to invite 50 of their fans to be in a delegation on the floor and really represent them almost political convention style,” O’Reilly explained.

Last year's NFL draft in Philadelphia was famously whipped into a frenzy with a chorus of boos by Eagle fans for Dallas Cowboys legend Drew Pearson.

"For an undrafted free agent, the draft really has been good to me since I made that announcement in Philly,” Pearson said. “A lot of good things have been happening with Drew Pearson."

The Cowboys legend will play a pivotal role in this year's draft.

"We want to do it Dallas Cowboy style, North Texas style,” he said. “And I pity the team that has to follow us because it's not going to be easy."

The draft will take place April 26-28.