Eagles fans are spending serious money to experience Super Bowl LII

People are spending serious dough to see the Eagles play in Minneapolis.

It’s just three days away until Super Bowl LII and fans may still be toying with the idea of coming to Minneapolis for the big game.

The good news is people can still get into the game. The bad news is the trip will cost a pretty penny.

As Eagles fans arrive for the Super Bowl, be prepared for the Super Bowl of Budgets.

“The flights were about $1000 each and tickets were about $8300 for the two of us. So, 10 grand, 11 grand all in. Worth it? Every cent. Every cent,” said Tom Vickers.

Tom and Donna Vickers, from Media, have been waiting for this their whole life. A moment they’re willing to pay dearly for.

“I think society is going away from hard things and moving towards experiences and this is an experience of a lifetime,” Vickers explained.

So, you want to go to the Super Bowl? Get out your wallet.

Start with airfare. FOX 29 checked February 1 and it’s $1200 last minute round trip.

But, then you need a hotel. FOX 29 found an airport La Quinta still has rooms for 500 bucks a night. But, now you need a ticket to the game. StubHub says the upper level corner will set you back at least three grand. And, that’s not including stuff like food, Super Bowl swag and entrance to other Super Bowl events.

“In about a half hour, we’ll be zip lining across the Mississippi River, then we’re doing the NFL Experiences,” Donna Vickers said.

All told, a 2 night stay in Minneapolis will set you back a little over 10 grand. For many fans, the price tag it too steep. But, for those who can afford a Super Bowl trip, it may take some sacrifice.

“I could’ve bought a few pocketbooks with that money, but being married to the ultimate sports fan, again, I’m going for the experience. You’re a great wife. Go birds!” explained Donna Vickers.