DeSoto basketball parents speak to school board ahead of potential UIL punishment

Two high school basketball teams seen fighting on tape could learn Tuesday if they are punished by the UIL.

A fight broke out last Tuesday between DeSoto and Duncanville High Schools just as the game ended, with DeSoto beating Duncanville 67-to-46. Both teams are eligible for the playoffs.

“We are not going to be able to get on a bus and go to UIL and fight to help our kids fight for our coaches for that matter. We just want to simply say that we are good kids, good people, good parents and a good community,” said parent Linda Ngo who addressed DeSoto ISD officials at Monday night’s board meeting.

Video of the brawl went viral and resulted in DeSoto forfeiting its final two games and suspending several players.

Ngo says her son, No. 2 on the team, was not suspended.

“We are asking for you guys not to look at this as a snapshot but to look at the totality of who they are as individuals,” Ngo said.

Khadijah Marshall's son is Feron Hunt, who has signed with SMU. He released a personal statement regarding the incident last week on Twitter.

“I asked him to think about it as a team, not how you feel but think about it as a whole. Do you think that would happen, Thursday night was an accurate depiction of you all? He said no I think it's unfair, I think it was something unexpected, it's not typical of the ending of a game,” Marshall said.

Both moms acknowledge the disciplinary action was warranted, but they also want those making decisions to acknowledge the bigger picture.

“Hopefully the school or recruiter that has initiated wanting them to play sees the bigger picture, the individual, the scores academically and also what they can do on the court. Those guys are not enemies. They've played together,” Marshall said.

Board members said nothing publicly. Instead, they invited the parents to meet privately with the superintendent. Afterward, they said the superintendent promised to fight for their kids and present video that makes their case

The UIL will meet in in Pflugerville near Austin on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. At this point, both teams are in the playoffs which begin next week. Both schools expect to know their fate after the meeting.

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