DeSoto basketball forfeits games in wake of brawl

Penalties and suspensions are starting to unfold in wake of the massive melee on a high school basketball court earlier this week. 

The DeSoto and Duncanville school districts are reviewing what caused a brawl to take place at the end of a boys’ game between the two teams. DeSoto ISD said it has suspended some players and forfeited its two final regular season games.

'It was a very competitive game and we have a very competitive spirit as a team. We are young. We made a huge mistake,” said DeSoto player Feron Hunt on Twitter.

Rod Taylor has been a mentor and coach to several players on both teams over the years in their respective communities.

"I think the kids have learned from their mistakes with this situation,” Taylor said.

Disheartened by the melee, he hopes it will trigger an honest look at improving overall behavior on the court -- behavior the UIL admonishes in its code of conduct.

"As coaches, we've got to do more controlling the trash talk during the games. We've got to do better. That's AAU coaches and high school coaches,” Taylor said.

Both districts still face the wrath of possible UIL penalties.

“We take these matters extremely seriously and the UIL State Executive Committee will evaluate this incident for potential penalties in addition to any action taken by the schools and district executive committee,” a UIL spokesperson said.