Cowboys to honor fallen Dallas soldier's family during NFL Draft

A young Dallas family will get special recognition during the NFL Draft in Arlington to honor their fallen soldier.

Among the thousands of people who are taking in the NFL Fan Experience is Janelle Wallace and her four children in the crowd. The NFL on Friday night will honor the memory of Army Capt. Ellery Ray Wallace who was killed in Afghanistan in 2010.

"He was very patriotic. He loved an uncle who was in the military,” Janelle said about her late husband. “His grandfather was in the military and actually got pinned with his grandfather's captain bars."

Capt. Wallace grew up in Big Spring in West Texas. On the second night of the NFL Draft, his widow and her children will go up on stage with Dallas Cowboys legend Bob Lilly to announce the Cowboys' second-round pick.

"It helps us remember and to know that they haven't been forgotten,” Janelle said. “Life moves on, and we still have to deal with it. It's a big honor. He loved football and watched it, so this is just very exciting."

Capt. Wallace's oldest son, 15-year-old Liam, will make the announcement for the Cowboys.

"It's honoring that people like my dad can be remembered for the honorable things they've done,” Liam said.

It's the second year the NFL has teamed up with the TAPS organization, which provides care and emotional support for the families of fallen military heroes.

"We have TAPS who has been nice to help us get here,” Janelle said. “And we love them. They're the greatest healing source we've had."

This family keeps memories close. They say this one will be special.

"It's a unique one. The Wallaces will talk about it forever,” Janelle said. “And Liam won't forget it. It's nice to remember his father."

The Wallaces are one of three military families being honored during the three days if the NFL Draft.