Cowboys RB Zeke Elliott reportedly considering training camp hold out over new contract

Ezekiel Elliott plans to hold out of training camp until he gets a new contract, according to Pro Football Talk.

The Cowboys haven't focused on a new contract for Elliott mainly because they have bigger priorities.

Elliott has two years left on his rookie deal as opposed to Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper who have one year left until free agency.

The holdout comes as a security guard is reported to be pressing charges against the running back, who's accused of shoving him to the ground in Las Vegas back in May.

No one from Zeke's camp or the Dallas Cowboys is commenting on the unconfirmed report. If true, the timing couldn't be worse for Zeke.

The Las Vegas security guard Zeke was captured on cell phone video pushing to the ground in May now wants to file criminal charges against the NFL star.

There's no denying that Zeke has talent. The running back has led the NFL in rushing twice. But his ongoing off-the-field antics have some people questioning his longevity on the football field.

Walter Musgrove is an NFL agent and attorney not associated with the case.

“Although he has the ability and nobody disputes that, the question is if this criminal case could affect his availability to the Cowboys,” Musgrove said, referring to Kyle Johnson's decision to file a criminal complaint against Elliott over the weekend for the May 19 incident. “The DA has the case. They'll either decide to present it to the grand jury. Or if they reject the case, it won't be presented to the grand jury.”

The move comes after the NFL commissioner decided not to take any action against Elliott after determining that on July 3 that he did not violate the league's personal conduct policy.

Prescott did not comment on the latest development when TMZ Sports found him.

As the criminal process plays out, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is reporting that Elliott plans on holding out of training camp if he doesn't get a new contract, citing a league source on Monday.

“If he decides to hold out, it could affect him financially,” Musgrove said.

Elliott has found trouble before and been suspended. If Elliott really does hold out, Musgrove says he's is taking a big gamble.

Five years ago, the Cowboys allowed former running back Demarco Murray to become a free agent after leading the league in rushing.

The Cowboys haven't focused on giving Elliott a new contract because they're really under no pressure to do so.  Plus, they're priority is, no doubt, focused on Prescott who becomes a free agent next year. Elliott still has two years remaining on his rookie deal.

“It's just hard to say what and when,” Musgrove said. “Obviously, Dak Prescott is going to be the first priority after this season. The question then becomes how much cap room do they have available. I think Zeke will come second or third in the pecking order.”

A spokesman with the Las Vegas Police Department says the battery complaint is under investigation and had no further comment.