Cowboys coach talks about doing 'cartwheels on the sand' after hearing about Dak Prescott’s deal

The Cowboys’ head coach has a lot of work to do before training camp but he said he’s glad there’s no uncertainty about the quarterback position.

Coach Mike McCarthy is looking to make improvements after the Cowboys went 6-10 last year.

The NFL Draft is about a month away and the team is already making other improvements to the roster.

McCarthy said he’s thrilled Dak Prescott will be happy and told reporters how he reacted when he heard the quarterback signed a $160 million deal.

"I was actually in Florida when the deal was finally completed. It’s a lot easier to do cartwheels on the sand, I’ll say that. Rich is having a hell of a visual about that right now. But, uh... I was obviously very excited. I think he’s the keystone to moving forward as a football team," he said.

Coach McCarthy also announced Thursday defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford is retiring after nine seasons with the Cowboys.