“Yup, that’s honey”: Man deduces he has bees in home after licking ‘dark streaks’ of liquid on wall

When a Pennsylvania man saw dark streaks of liquid coming from his ceiling and down his wall, he assumed it was a leak due to recent Tropical Storm Fay; but boy was he wrong.

Justin Isabell posted a video to Facebook documenting how he found out he did not have a leak but in fact, he had a bee problem inside his home.

In the video, Isabell is seen showing his "homeowner’s tutorial" and letting any future home buyers or current owners know exactly how to find out if you have a regular water leak or a honey leak.

"So here’s a little homeowner’s tutorial, for those of you who are either new to home ownership or have had a home for a while," Isabell said. "And you’re trying to determine if you have a bee problem."

Isabell then shifts his video recording device to show the dark streaks of liquid coming down the wall in his home.

"We noticed these streaks coming down our wall," Isabell continued. "And we could not figure out what it was. So, with a very careful...," after which Isabell stops speaking and proceeds to lick the wall.

"Yup, that’s honey," Isbabell concludes.

While his method of coming to that conclusion is a bit unorthodox, Isbabell did call in a beekeeper, Allan Lattanzi from Yerkes Honey Farms in Collegeville, who will be taking the colony to his own home and producing the honey.

"I have three boys and they were wondering if we could set a tap up so we could just pour honey on our yogurt and granola in the morning. I wish we could. I wish we could share it, but they need a better home where they’re safe and happy and not living with us," Andrea, Justin’s wife, told local news media.

Storyful contributed to this report.