Years after being released for 2006 double murder at Terrell Pizza Hut, suspects re-arrested, indicted

Fourteen years after two Pizza Hut employees were killed inside the restaurant where they worked, police in Terrell were able to get an indictment for four people accused of their murders.

Back on Sept. 3, 2006, just after 12:30 a.m., Patricia Oferoskey and Stephen Mitchelltree were found dead inside the Pizza Hut in Terrell where they worked.

Terrell police were able to identify four suspects, Justin Prox, now 32, Anthony Holliman, now 32, Bianca Newman, now 36, and Darius Hubbard, now 33.

Investigators found the former and current Pizza Hut employees planned and carried out a robbery that led to the deaths of Oferoskey and Mitchelltree.

All four suspects were arrested and charged with capital murder, but the district attorney later released them.

No details were given by police on why they were released.

The case remained open throughout the years, and recently, the Texas Rangers and Kaufman District Attorney’s Office helped Terrell PD investigators re-examine the case.

“New technological advances” and “a fresh investigative perspective” helped police get criminal indictments last week for the original four suspects.

Prox, Holliman, Newman, and Hubbard were all arrested again and charged with capital murder in the deaths of Oferoskey and Mitchelltree.