Workers set traps for stray dogs in South Dallas

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Dallas Animal Services workers were back in the neighborhood where a woman was killed by a pack of loose dogs on Thursday. The city also plans to re-examine its ordinances because of the deadly attack.

Antoinette Brown died Monday, a week after she was mauled by a pack of six dogs in South Dallas. The city of Dallas said Thursday a targeted response team will patrol the Rutledge Street for loose dogs and violations. On Thursday workers went into an abandoned home to look for strays and set up traps.

Neighbors on Rutledge Street said they have complained about dangerous dogs numerous times and they were surprised to see the sudden show of enforcement on Thursday.

“We've been complaining about those dogs for two years,” said Rose Crouch, Brown’s grandmother.

Records obtained by FOX 4 show animal services seized a total of 13 dogs from the same owner on two separate occasions before Brown’s death. After the attack, there were seven dogs found in that owner’s home and all were unregistered.

When Brown’s neighbor called about the attack, animal services told her workers could not respond for three days. The city said it is now going to re-examine the policy, as well as look at how owners can be held more accountable.

“In this case we definitely have seen a deficiency. There was clearly an opportunity there that we are looking into see what could have been done,” said city spokeswoman Sana Syed.

Marisha Ward, Brown’s daughter, just hopes the city makes the kind of changes that will keep someone else from going through what her mom did.

“My mom did not have to go out the way she went out. It's unnecessary,” Ward said.

The owner of the dogs in this case could be charged with attack by a dog and could spend two to 20 years in prison if convicted. The Dallas Police Department is still performing DNA tests on the animals to make sure they were indeed involved in the attack.

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