Woman wants apology after Trump sign stolen

A North Texas woman is angry after her Donald Trump signs were stolen from her yard.

It was stolen last week from Charisse Dunn’s yard.

"Originally, we thought somebody drove by in their car and stopped got out took it and ran off,” said Dunn. "I thought it was somebody that didn't like Trump and they were just going to get rid of it because they didn't want to see any advertisement for him.”

But when Dunn looked at the surveillance video, the thief appears to be a teenage girl.

"And what was so shocking was she walked past it and then she turned around and came back and got it,” said Dunn.

The video almost seems like the theft was an afterthought. So the big question is, was the young lady motivated by politics or something else?

Coppell police are investigating and have taken a screenshot of the girl and another teen girl seen in the video with her to their high school resource officers.

Police want to know who both girls are.

"We zoomed in on the girl and she's wearing a Coppell lacrosse league team shirt"

Dunn says this isn't about whether you like Trump or don't like Trump.

"This has nothing to do with politics,” she said. “This is stealing and trespassing.”

The sign is valued at less than $20, making this a class C misdemeanor.

But a criminal penalty isn't what Dunn is going for.

"I think that would be justice enough is that her parents and her come to my door and I get a sincere apology,” said Dunn. “That's pretty much what I want, and my sign back if she still has it. That's about it.”