Woman found dead in Fort Worth home with kids inside

Police in Fort Worth are looking for the man they say shot and killed a woman early Friday morning.

Authorities say the woman found dead inside a house in the 6000 block of McKaskle Drive. She had been shot several times. They also say three children were inside at the time, but it’s unclear where they were exactly when the shooting took place.

Investigators have a good idea who murdered the woman. At this time, police are describing it as a domestic abuse situation. They have not confirmed the relationship between the woman and her killer.

Police say someone called 911 around 6 a.m. Officers arrived shortly afterward and found the woman who had been shot several times.

Neighbors are quite upset after hearing about the murder. One man said the problem of domestic abuse too often leads to scenarios like this, and it’s all too often ignored until it’s too late.

“My thought is we have to stop looking the other way when we see these things,” said neighbor William Harris. “Many times, it starts with yelling and screaming. What I’m hearing nowadays is where people say I don’t have anything and the flipside to it is if it was one of our relatives in distress we would be asking why someone didn’t do anything about it.”

The deceased woman has not yet been identified. Police say the three children are safe and with relatives.